DDK Muzzaffarpur (Bihar) on Agitation against Shifting of Equipments to Patna

Recently Doordarshan Directorate suddenly ordered to shift digital studio equipments from DDK Muzzaffarpur (Bihar) to Patna. DDK Muzaffarpur unit of ARTEE along with total staff belonging to all cadres and and  State Committee (Bihar) approached Central office and opposed the move. The Staff did not allow the even the van to enter into the premises of Kendra to take away the equipments. The issue flashed in Print Media also.
Central Office also swiftly raised the issue with Doordarshan Directorate. It is a matter of surprise that when same equipment is laying uninstalled in boxes in Daltonganj,  why authorities are bent upon to shift the installed equipment to Patna after un installing it. When we approached authorities it was told that it is shifted for six months only. This is again a matter of surprise.
We salute our comrades of Muzzaffarpur and express our solidarity with them.


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